Ares X-line

Ares X-line is a series of handmade guitars from Vallvik in Sweden. The X-lines are fullsize Strat and Tele clonesand the reason we have them is to complete the product line. The bodies are made by our subcontractors, that we foundmake very high quality bodies.

The necks are made at our facility in Vallvik. That's because we couldn't find a neck that were good enough for us toput our name on. The necks are made the same way as our more expensive guitars. These guitars have a scale length of 25,5"and we put 22 frets on the fretboards. Radius is 12".

The Ares X-lines comes as standard with Lundgren Pickups. The pickguard is connected as standard for this kind of guitarwith the addition of a treble bleed filter on the volume pot. These pickguards are the same standard as for other strats andteles, so what's on the market will fit.

As standard these guitars come with chrome hardware. At extra costs there are a lot of options such as gold or black hardwareand your choice of pickups. Call for prices.