Ares NCB

Ares NCB (NC = New Construction) is a series of handmade bass guitars from Vallvik in Sweden. The NCBs were designed in 2004 and can be delivered with 32" or 35" scale length. All Ares NCs come with a carved top without pickguard. Ares NCB have been in production since 2004. These instruments are top of the line and more exclusive.

The neck is laminated from maple and mahogany for the strength and overtone spectrum. The end of the neck is embraced by the body. It goes inside all the way to the bridge. The bridge is connected to the neck by the screws. This construction gives an unique overtone spectrum and an incredible sustain.

The Ares NCBs come with the Delano SBC pickups. All connections inside are made with SilK cable, a so called "super cable" that have an incredibly low damp factor and allows for a wider range of frequencies, giving the song of the bass a deeper bottom and a brighter crispy top. The Ares NCBs come with Delano preamp.

As standard this basses come with chrome hardware. At extra costs there are a lot of options such as gold or black hardware, hollow body, your choice of pickup's. Call for prices.