Ares Acoustics

Ares Acoustics is a series of handmade acoustic guitars from Vallvik in Sweden. The Acoustics are fullsize guitarswith 25" scale length. Why acoustic guitars? Good question and the simple answer is: It's fun, really fun to build acoustic guitars.

The wood parts are a little tricky to handle because of the Cites rules. Mahogany, rosewood, bubinga and even abalone inlays,all the good parts, are restricted to deal with. The wood I have is good for my production but I'm forbidden to sell the wood as parts,but I can make guitars and sell as long as I can prove I bought it from a dealer who are licensed to sell. There are a few outthere but the prices are not the same any longer.

The Ares Acoustics are made in a the classic way, by hand. There are a few machines on the wishlist but not too many. I love thecraftsmanship, and if the guitar is made in the proper way, with quality in mind, it really pays off. The songfrom a real handmade guitar is incredible.

As standard these guitars come without pickups. I can install your choice of pickups, but don't put a cheap pickup on these acoustics.Call for prices.